The Northglenn Pirate Fest

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Ahoy there me hearties! The Northglenn Pirate Fest was a smashing hit, as always! This was our second year working this festival and has easily become one of our favorite events to be at! I mean how often do you get to dress up as a pirate for a weekend and it's not even Halloween?! 

The festival began on Friday with the adult's only Pirate's Ball. There was dinner and mead and fantastic live music! There was even Mermaids! And of course there were Pirates everywhere you turned! But Saturday was the day you didn't want to miss. Saturday was for the kids, and adults pirates but mostly for the kids! There was boat races and costume contests, a treasure hunt, and sword fighting. More live music, more mead and many more pirates! 

I have decided there is no better way to end the Summer than to dress up as a pirate! 

And until next year...

May your anchor be tight

Your cork be loose

Your rum be spiced

And your compass be true.


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