The Beauty within the Corset

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In a world of endless creativity and art, we find that fashion is nothing less than creative, wearable art. Fashion has many faces around the world. We see the styles of different trends taking place through out the decades. We see some trends fade over time as well as those that seem to always stick around. 

Steampunk fashion is one of those trends that can be traced back through centuries. There are several aspects to steampunk and the world of fashion. I'm sure I will cover as many as I can in other blogs to come. For now, we will focus on the fashion trends of Corsets.

Ladies, this one is for you! 

There she is, the most beautiful woman, standing there gracefully. She has the perfect body. She has the perfect hair. She has the best outfit of everyone around her; with those knee high boots, black lace tights that accentuate the perfect length for her long legs, she wears that pretty blouse with a gorgeous corset. Everyone, men and women alike, look twice in her direction. She is beautiful.

We've all seen this women at one time or another. There are two kinds of thoughts we could have. "I could never look that beautiful." or "If she can wear that, I can wear that better." Personally I'm the, "If she can do it I can do it better", kind of person. Though I have experienced the other side of that thought as well. This, and many other reasons, are why women are so complex. 

When it comes to how we view ourselves personally, there are always comparisons we find in the people around us. We can get so lost in wishing we were one way or another, that we forget the truth of who we all are. And the truth is that we are all beautiful. We are all perfect just the way we are. This is why I love the beauty of corsets. 

Corsets are for all women; it doesn't matter if you are a young woman, finding your identity in your early 20's or if you are a mature woman, feeling secure in your experience and wisdom in your later years. Corsets are designed to fit all the different shapes and sizes that embody the female spirit. 

When we decided to carry corsets for Hattast-ique, we had a purpose in mind; to offer a way to bring out the true beauty of every single woman that comes into our booth or shops with us online. 

I love helping women see their inner beauty by showing them their outer beauty. When you get fitted into a corset and look at yourself in the mirror, you see a body in all its natural curves; all those self judgments, all those labels and comparisons fall aside and you see you; in all your gentle but fierce beauty. This is the art behind the Corset! 

As you go about your day, hold tight to the truth of who you are. Don't let those labels, those comparisons, those negative thoughts derail you from the beauty within. You are beautiful. You are perfect just the way you are. 

Signed with love,

Amanda Malabad 







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  • Shirley TAYLOR on

    Beauty within! Lisa is a rare beauty full of grace and elegant way about her YET feisty and courageous ready and willing to take on the world. The corset will beautifully adorn her BUT THERE IS NOTHING THAT WILL CONTAIN OR TAME HER FREE SPIRIT ! SHE INSPIRES AND LEADS THOSE WHO DARE TO FOLLOW OR SIMPLY KEEP UP ! LOVE this post !

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