Creating Custom Top Hats

fashion hattast-ique leather hats madhatter perfectlytoppedoff steampunk top hat

When it comes to top hats, every one should be unique. At the turn of the century, when steampunk attire was the fashion statement of that time, everyone owned a top hat. From the Gambler style to a tall Abe Lincoln, top hats were made in all shapes and sizes. Even though people looked quite dapper, it's fair to say that back then, tops hats were not too unique.  Times have changed. Fashion has evolved. We can express who we are through how we dress. Which is why fashion has become so diverse and ever changing. Steampunk fashion has become...

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11 Lucky Top Hats

fashion hattast-ique madhatter perfectlytoppedoff steampunk top hat

We all have those lucky trinkets. For some people it is a penny on the pavement. For others it is a necklace or even a pair of socks. These charmed items always seem to make us feel a bit luckier when we carry them with us. I like to think our custom made top hats are lucky. We take an old top hat, a hat we haven't quite found the right head for, and turn it into a piece of art. Here are the newest designs 11 Lucky Custom Made Top Hats  1. King of Spades Stitched Up Top Hat ...

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Finding the Balance

Balance Top Hat Dragon hattast-ique hattastiquefamily perfectlytoppedoff steampunk top hat

The Dragon Symbol   The mysterious dragon has been a mythical creature for centuries. As with all myths and legends, there must be a hint of truth within the stories that get passed down from generation to generation.   A lot of people are drawn to the magic that dragons inspire.These massive beasts of the sky symbolizes strength and courage that soars within us all. Dragons are messengers of balance. They encourage us to tap into the unseen world of mystery and wonder.    The Balance Top Hat The Balance top hat became one of our absolute favorites. This hat...

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The Journey of THIS Hat

hattastiquefamily madhatter perfectlytoppedoff relay for life top hat

Here at Hattast-ique we love our great customers, fun times, and family journey.  However, no family has evolved without suffering through tough times and that includes our own.  A particular event we like to support is Relay For Life as cancer has played a role in some of our tough times.  This event is the signature fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The relay is staffed and coordinated by volunteers in more than 5,200 communities and 27 countries. Volunteers give their time and effort because they believe it's time to take action against cancer.   I was approached by my...

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In The Beginning

perfectlytoppedoff steampunk top hat

Here's a little peak into the early days of Hattast-ique!  At the beginning of any business there is a story of how it developed over time.  So join us as we delve into what the beginning of Hattast-ique looked like.  The idea of a small family business had been brewing for some time, it was either going to be an idea or we were going to act on it.  So in October of 2014 we sat down as a family to discuss several business ideas that we had.  After careful discussion of each business it was plain to see that...

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