The 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

bikerally hattastiquefamily jasmine cain on the road perfectlytoppedoff sturgis

          Sturgis, South Dakota is a home away from home. We spend all year eagerly waiting and planning for the Sturgis Rally to begin.  And every year we are a bit sad to say goodbye to the small but beautiful town.           This was our third year at Sturgis as Hattast-ique.  And though we've attended this rally for many years now, 2017 has been a favorite year all around. We have learned how to find the balance of enjoying Sturgis for what it is and working our business in a fun and...

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History of Sturgis!

bikerally hattastiquefamily on the road perfectlytoppedoff sturgis

Our history as Hattast-ique really began in 2015 at Sturgis.  It was the first big event we did and started us down the path that we are currently on.  It was the birth of Hattast-ique on the road it really is what got us hooked on rally life as a vendor.   Since the rally was a big turning point for us, I wanted to know the history behind The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. For me I know that this is the 77th Annual Rally and it all started in Sturgis, SD.  I have seen the mass of motorcycles and their riders...

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Finally Home and Off We Go Again!

perfectlytoppedoff sturgis top hat

It's been four very fast months since we've been able to get to this and catch our breath. We've been on the road since Daytona and Arizona. We met some more of the really great folks that make up the motorcycle community. We've been to Leesburgh Bike Week, Panama City Thunder, Myrtle Beach Bike Week, and Austin's ROT rally. All were done with less than a week at home in between to restock, do laundry and hit it, it was friggin' great! Next up Sturgis and we're at the opening year of the new Full Throttle Saloon and can't wait...

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