Vendor Village

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We are finally home! The past six weeks have come and gone quicker than I expected. We have been every where from Arkansas to Nevada and Colorado to the Florida shore line and all the states in between! As we travel and attend new rallies, we really get to know the different vendors that are called to open road just as we are. Over the past three years we have met the most amazing families, other small businesses, from traveling and working events. The life of a traveling merchant has it's freedoms but as with everything, comes at a prices as well....

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The Life of a Traveling Merchant

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The life of a traveling merchant is a fascinating life to live.  As we continue to grow and expand Hattast-ique we continue to push ourselves and see what we can do.  This includes booking more events where we get to meet and see our awesome customers.  It is here we get to connect face to face and you can physically see what we have to offer.  This life on the road means we are home, then we are on the road, and then we are home again.  It makes us appreciate everything we see and all the people we meet. ...

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Las Vegas Bike Fest

bike fest las vegas leather hats on the road perfectlytoppedoff steampunk top hat

Las Vegas, Nevada; what a beautiful city filled with the most interesting characters from all around the world! Throw in a bike fest and our traveling family cannot pass up such a grand opportunity! So we set out on our final road trip adventure of the year.  There is nothing quiet like driving west through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, through the canyons of Utah to the desert land of Nevada. There is an endless scene of gorgeous landscape and with the right music you are perfectly entertained for that 13 hour drive. This was our first time to Las...

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