Perfectly Topped Off!!

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Hats are fantastic!  This is why the Hattast-ique business was created, our love and passion for hats of all kinds.  Breaking it down what does perfectly topped off mean to us?  I hope by the end of this article you have a better sense of what it means to us as a company! 

We, as a small family business, love helping our customers find that hat that just makes your day.  We strive for you to leave our booth at an event or at feeling completely satisfied with your experience.  We want you to be happy and absolutely in love with your purchase.  This is one aspect of being perfectly topped off.

Let’s face it we all love when we get that perfect accessory that makes us feel like a million bucks.  Maybe more so for our women customers, as I can really only write from that perspective, but you men look awesome in your hats and I hope you feel that way too.  Being perfectly topped off means you found that perfect hat that just makes your day.  You could be sporting a cowboy hat at the next rodeo or have found the most amazing steampunk hat and goggles for that next bike rally or comic con event. You know the feeling of putting on your favorite hat, hopping on your motorcycle and thinking this is bad ass.  That is the other aspect of being perfectly topped off. 

Whether it is a steampunk hat, cowboy hat, leather top hat, or fedora we believe there is a hat that is perfect for you.  When you put that hat on you think oh yeah this is it the hat that completes not only the look I am going for, but fulfills my needs as well.  That is being perfectly topped off.

Thanks for taking the time to take a peek inside what being perfectly topped off means to us!  We hope you have an awesome week!








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