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Here we are, nine days into the new year. Aspirations are high as we dream about the months that lie ahead. This is nothing new for the Hattast-ique crew. We are reaching the end of our home season and getting ready to hit the road for different events across the country. If you've been following our journey on social media, you have probably noticed the familiar faces behind the super steampunk top hat extravaganza that is Hattast-ique. But if you are new to the scene, welcome to the family!

In the past five years, we have worked really hard as a team to build a business that we can all call our own. We have traveled coast to coast and attended over 50 events. We have slept in tents and lived out of suitcases for weeks at a time. We have dealt with flat tires and engine trouble. We have gotten our days mixed up and therefore must pull an all nighter on the road just to make it to an event on time. We have experienced theft, and fraud and customers we just did not want to deal with. We've had customers that became family. We have also experienced an amazing group of other vendors who support and encourage one another.  We have a tribe of friends and family that have taken us in and given us a place to stay while we work an event. We have been very fortunate to experience this all together, as a team. The open road, while exciting and liberating, has been paved with ups and downs, twists and turns, but it has been worth every mile!

Follow along with me, in the weeks that lay ahead as I introduce to you the faces and personalities that have made this dream a reality. Discover our favorite events, our favorite memories and the personal back story of each one of us. 

Thank you for tagging along with us so far!

Have a perfectly topped off 2020,

Amanda Malabad 

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