Harley-Davidson Motorcycles a Classic American Icon

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Hattast-ique has a rich history with motorcycle rallies.  We love to work at them, ride at them, and just be at them.  Our lead man has been a Harley-Davidson owner for as long as I can remember.  The feel of the wind in your face, the freedom of your cares, and nothing but the road ahead of you.  It is an experience for sure.  So how about the motorcycle itself, where did the Harley-Davidson start?

This American made machine started in a small shed in Milwaukee, WI.  The players involved were William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson.  In 1907 William Davidson joined Harley and his brothers in the business and at this time they were incorporated.  Their first motorbike was sold in 1903.  The first motorcycle looked like a bicycle with an engine attached.  Over time it started to resemble with what we associate the motorcycle to look like today.  This first bike was built to be a racer, however they found that it was unable to climb hills without the pedal assistance.  This goes to show that with each failure success could just be on the horizon, and this was so for Harley and the Davidson brothers.  The traditional cruiser utilized air-cooled V-Twin engines in approximately 1909.  They became pioneers in this field and paved the way for their motorcycle to become what it is today.

Not only were the Harley-Davidson motorcycles used in the racing tracks, they were also used in multiple wars by the American Military.  In WWII they produced approximately 90,000 units for military use.  They have been a staple for the US economy and continue to dominate the road.  With their 45-degree air cooled V-Twin signature engine their only surviving domestic rival after the 1930’s was Indian Motorcycle. 

The Sportster was debuted in 1957 and by the 1980’s and 1990’s the model families of Softail, FLT, and Road King all had lines and they had expanded beyond the racing intent of the first motorcycle by Harley and the Davidson brothers.  The V-Rod was Harley-Davidson's first street motorcycle to have the liquid cooled engine.  Minus the early years of the company there have only been eight major engine revisions for the twin engines in the life of the company.

The dream and perseverance that Harley and the Davidson brothers have shown throughout the history of the business is inspiring.  Harley-Davidson is always striving to improve and appeal across generations.  Young and old love riding on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and they have provided different models that appeal to all walks of life.

We love all types of motorcycles but wanted to highlight the history of the Harley-Davidson.  Stay tuned you never know what motorcycle we might highlight next!

Have a safe and blessed week.

Charity Malabad

 (Please note not all motorcycles pictured above are Harley-Davidson.)





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