Creating Custom Top Hats

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When it comes to top hats, every one should be unique.

At the turn of the century, when steampunk attire was the fashion statement of that time, everyone owned a top hat. From the Gambler style to a tall Abe Lincoln, top hats were made in all shapes and sizes. Even though people looked quite dapper, it's fair to say that back then, tops hats were not too unique. 

Times have changed. Fashion has evolved. We can express who we are through how we dress. Which is why fashion has become so diverse and ever changing. Steampunk fashion has become a novelty in our culture today. We use it to express the classy, sophisticated side of who we are. We allow the creativity that the steampunk world inspires to help us imagine all that we could be. The best thing about steampunk fashion is the personal touch is brings to you.


When designing a custom top hat, there are three main steps you must complete. 

First Step: Pick your base hat

Unless you own and know how to operate a leather sewing machine or a leather press, you probably want to start with a hat that is already made. 

My favorite hats to work with are

Tall Abe Lincoln Top Hat,

Felt Top Hat,

 Buffalo Nick Top Hat

Second Step: Design a Hatband

When it comes to designing a hatband, the ideas are endless!

We have several designs to choose from or we have an easy way for you to design your own through our website

Third Step: Go crazy at the craft store

The third and most important step is to complete your custom design with your own personal touch. You can keep it simple with just the custom hatband or you can deck it all out with gears and feathers and even a pair of goggles. Whatever you decide, make sure it speaks to your personality.

(Click here for more custom designs)

If you could create a hat that tells a story, how would you design it?

I hope this blog has inspired the creative steampunk'r within you!

Create away!

Have a perfectly topped off day,

Amanda Malabad 



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  • Kenneth Ference on

    Can you make a replica gene wilder Willy Wonka hat ..reddish brown color etc?

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