The Beginning of the End

Life has a funny way of constantly changing those things we hope will stay constant. And 2020 has proved this point repeatedly. This year we have done a grand total of 3 shows; Colorado Motorcycle Expo in January, Daytona Bike Week in March, and Sturgis in August. For a family business that makes a living off the road, traveling the country and attending 15+ events a year, 2020 has taken its toll on Hattast-ique.  It breaks our heart to announce that the doors are closing on this family owned business. After six years, over fifty events and thousands of miles...

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The Leap for Joy, Leap Year Sale

family business Highlight Hat of the Week sale

Time has a funny way of slowing down or speeding up without you noticing it until it's already happened. To me, it seems as though time has slowed down a bit. Maybe that is because we haven't quite hit our travel season. Whatever the reason, I am thankful. We have had quality time at home, preparing and planning for the year ahead. We have traveled to see family and enjoyed every minute we had with them. And here we are, one week before we take off for Daytona Bike Week, the official kick off to Rally Season!  Before we get...

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Meet the Faces Behind Hattast-ique

adventure dreams family hattastiquefamily Small Business

Here we are, nine days into the new year. Aspirations are high as we dream about the months that lie ahead. This is nothing new for the Hattast-ique crew. We are reaching the end of our home season and getting ready to hit the road for different events across the country. If you've been following our journey on social media, you have probably noticed the familiar faces behind the super steampunk top hat extravaganza that is Hattast-ique. But if you are new to the scene, welcome to the family! In the past five years, we have worked really hard as...

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The Seasons of Hattast-ique

adventure dreams family hattast-ique hattastiquefamily Life malabad images on the road perfectlytoppedoff photography thankful

As go the cycles of the year, we too move through our own seasons with Hattast-ique. There is a travel season, a home season and a slow season. We go with the flow and follow the path ahead of us. For we are all in this together.  The road stretches out for miles, as we leave the comfort of our home. We are off before the sun has risen, waiting for the warmth of the day after a chilled desert night. As it begins to rise, the sky is filled with bright, warm colors, filling our hearts with confidence that everything is going...

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Highlight Hats of the Week

adventure american hat makers Balance Top Hat Daytona Bike Week Dragon fashion Festival hattastiquefamily kraken top hat leather hats madhatter Motorcycle on the road perfectlytoppedoff steampunk storm top hat

It's hard to believe twelve weeks have come and gone. Like they say, time flies when you're having fun!  Since the beginning of the year, every week we highlight a new hat. We pride ourselves with having the most unique selection of steampunk top hats, western styled hats and casual hats. This gives us a chance to pick one and show it off for 7 days.  If you've missed any of these hats, here is your chance to browse through the ones we've highlighted so far.  For our "Spring Fever Sale" we are doing 15% OFF all of these hats!  Click...

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