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Home of the best steampunk hats, corsets, goggles and more. . .

“My idea of sexy is that less is more.  The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.”  -Emma Watson

Want a hat that captures the essence of this quote?  Look no further, The Marlow Top Hat and El Dorado Top Hat complete the less is more look.  The beauty lies in the classic feel and provides a canvas for you to create your very own style.  These hats are sure to leave you feeling Perfectly Topped Off and will have people wondering.  Be sexy this month and save 15% off our Classic Top Hats.  Just enter coupon code CLASSIC18 at checkout.  Offer valid on the following Top Hats:

Marlow www.hattast-ique.com/collections/leather-top-hats/products/marlow-top-hat-leather

El Dorado www.hattast-ique.com/collections/leather-top-hats/products/el-dorado-leather-top-hat

Classic Stove Piper www.hattast-ique.com/products/stove-piper-top-hat                                         

Classic Coachman www.hattast-ique.com/products/mad-hatter-black-leather-coachman-hat