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"Never cross a poet, for one day they will have their revenge, and that revenge will live eternally written.” -Anonymous

We've collaborated for our own Poetic Revenge...2.0.  This Hattast-ique exclusive top hat will let your vengeance live eternally in the memories that each hat holds.  Capture this epic item so that it may enhance your adventure today.  We are privileged to be working with Solstice Ink and Voodoo Hatter to bring our own vision to the top hat world.  We'd love to add to everyone's eternal adventure but this bad boy is limited production and will not stay stocked long. Make sure you capture the hat as unique as you!  Grab them while you can with 10% off using the code POETSREVENGE at checkout.

Poet's Revenge 2.0-www.hattast-ique.com/products/poets-revenge-top-hat-2